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The latest from the Online Community Results blog

Facebook launches private community platform. Can you trust it?

Last week, Facebook publicly announced its foray into private community platforms, launching Workplace, a product geared towards helping coworkers collaborate better. Remember when you couldn’t use Facebook at work? Well, now there’s a Facebook for work. Let’s review the good, the bad, and the ugly about this development. THE GOOD: It is Facebook for work. There are groups, messaging, chats, video calling, events. Everything you love (or hate) about Facebook is in Workplace. And it has the same user experience, so it’s instantly recognizable and intuitive for anyone who uses Facebook. And that number stands at… like, everyone. My favorite feature is the pricing. You only pay per monthly active user (MAU), defined as anyone who has engaged in the past month, which is the standard community management best practice. I love this model because it’s so transparent. The community manager still needs to hold up the organization’s side of the bargain, doing things to encourage engagement, but the vendor assumes risk for not providing an engaging platform. I actually predicted a few years ago that vendors would start pricing this way. So far, to the best of my knowledge, Slack and Workplace do. Continuing on pricing, it’s relatively inexpensive. The cheapest version of Slack is $8 per MAU per month. The most expensive pricing level for Workplace is $3 per MAU per month. It’s secure. One of the reasons that Workplace is so late to the party is that it had to be vetted by security minded experts, as a key market for Workplace is government agencies. The government of Singapore is already using Workspace. You can invite non-employees to collaborate. So your freelance... read more


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