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The latest from the Online Community Results blog

Facebook algorithm changes infuriate engagement pros for 587th time

Interesting piece in Associations Now, “Time to Declare Independence from Social Media?” about yet another round of algorithm changes at Facebook which has engagement professionals up in arms. But when will they ever learn? Facebook exists to turn a profit, not to hand out free advertising. I wanted to share my comment on the article here, because I was particularly struck by this line in the article: “Facebook no longer cares about a return on investment for companies that use its platform—unless they’re willing to cut a check and pay for the right to be on your feed.” Is the idea that Facebook was ever motivated by anything other than profit? Like any business, Facebook will adjust their processes to maximize their profits. Facebook makes the rules, they can change the rules, and the changes are intended to boost the bottom line. That’s the reality, right or wrong. I’ve written and spoken about this dozens of times for years now: When an association “rents” its social presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, or whatever, the association is beholden to their rules, which can be changed on a whim. And your members’ engagement on those sites ultimately benefits the social network company’s shareholders. The public social networks capture value from your members’ engagement and monetize it. Again, that’s the reality. I don’t pass judgment on it; I simply acknowledge it and use the facts to inform my decision making. But when an association “owns” its social presence on a private community platform, it can capture more value from the system. You get a better view of a member’s engagement level, you... read more


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