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Guest posts on Private Equity at

Over at, you’ll find a series of posts I’m writing about the wave of investment money that’s flooding into the association technology market, and its effects on membership organizations’ business practices. Because of my clients’ experiences with recent investments, mergers, and acquisitions, I’ve taken a personal interest in the financial subtext to the evolution of association technology. These posts are the result of several months of research I’ve done on the topic, and will help association leaders understand the impacts (both positive and negative) of private equity investments in our space. This revelatory topic will also be addressed in a panel discussion at AMS Fest, September 15-16, 2016 in Washington, DC. The session will be moderated by Dave Will, former CEO of Peach New Media, which was acquired by Abila by way of a private equity investment. The all-star lineup of panelists includes association tech industry heavyweights JP Guilbault, CEO of; Joanna Pineda, CEO of Matrix Group International; Eric Thurston, CEO of Personify; Daniel Zinman, founding partner of Constellation (a private equity firm); and Mike Frye, CEO of Altai Systems. Because the panelists represent privately-held and equity-backed companies, expect the session to feature a lively point-counterpoint discussion on the pros and cons of these sources of funding. Full disclosure: Online Community Results is a proud partner of AMS Fest and If you can’t attend AMS Fest, don’t sweat it. The series of posts at will educate executives on topics like: What is private equity, and how is it different from venture capital? What are private equity investors’ motivations? How are their motivations manifested in the operations of businesses they... read more


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