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The latest from the Online Community Results blog

Tues, May 24! A Community Approach to Learning: Cultivating Your Digital Habitat for Professional Development

While online community is an issue that’s top-of-mind for my existing and potential clients, another issue that’s been cropping up more and more in my recent conversations with those same people is learning and professional development. As associations strive to increase member engagement through online community, they’ve also begun to wonder whether there’s a way to tie in another important aspect of their organzations’ offerings: professional development. With these conversations in mind, I’m partnering with CommPartners on an upcoming webinar focusing on the intersection of community and learning. Join me on May 24 at 1 PM Eastern Time for a live webinar exploring this issue in more detail. Here are the full details: A Community Approach to Learning: Cultivating Your Digital Habitat for Professional Development Associations are investing much of their strategic and financial resources in two separate spheres; learning and community. There is recognition of the importance in creating synergy between these two areas, to build a vibrant, organic foundation. How do associations support and promote professional development through community engagement? How can we leverage online communities and learning management systems for social learning? What education objectives are best supported through collaboration? In this webinar Ben Martin will address these questions and discuss how we can create social learning habitats. Learning objectives: • Why social learning is important and effective • How to coach subject matter experts to be great teachers in a community context • What to look for in social learning technologies May 24 at 1 PM Eastern Time Click here to register... read more


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